Busy, busy!

 Thursday, 5th June

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I've not posted for a while due to technical difficulties with the blog (which are now resolved) and also being busy with orders.

Here are just a few things I've made recently:

For my Minion mad toddler I made him a Minion

I adapted him from a free pattern by All About Ami. Due to copyright I can't make these to sell but if you can crochet then why not have a go yourself? 

Here's another of my favourite makes of late. I was commissioned to make a monster hat for a photographer to use as a prop. I love the bright colours and the quirky face.


Lastly here's a crochet mandala I made for Yarndale

Yarndale is in its 2nd year and is basically a festival of yarn yumminess! Last year Lucy from Attic 24 asked for crochet bunting triangles and they created a lovely display at Yarndale. This year inspired by the Tour de France being held in Yorkshire Lucy asked for some mandalas to be sent in for this years art project. You can find the original post here. If you want to check out all the wonderful mandalas they have received so far you can find them all on the Yarndale Pinterest board - please feel free to give mine a share when you see it!


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