Gingerbread House

 Thursday, 12th December

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For the last few Christmases I thought about making a gingerbread house but it just seemed very daunting. This year I just thought I'd go for it.

I used this gingerbread house recipe and template. 

I found th dough a bit sloppy so I put it in the fridge for 15 minutes which helped firm it up.

The dough spread a little while cooking so I got my templates and cut around the pieces to neaten them up.

I read a tip a while ago about decorating all the panels before asembly. I probably ate a few too many sweets! I decided to use chocolate instead of the trastional royal icing.

I am actually amazed I managed to  make a fully operational gingerbread house. I didn't take long for it to get munched on!

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Ashley Cox - Thursday, 12th December
And it tastes really good too!
Lucy Wright - Thursday, 12th December
Looks great Sarah x
Mandy Jones - Sunday, 12th January
I bet it tasted yummy XXXX